Global Health Volunteer Program - Project Bududa (Uganda)


Bududa, Uganda

Opportunity provided by

Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children (FIMRC)

Provides access to healthcare for low-resource and medically underserved families around the world.


Uganda is a landlocked country located in eastern Africa and shares its borders with five other countries. With more than 40% of rural Ugandans living in abject poverty and the harsh reality of being a top 10 country for HIV prevalence rates, a complex health situation exists. With the HIV epidemic, as well as problems such as malaria and other tropical diseases, lack of adequate maternal and child health services and other complicating factors, the need for access to healthcare facilities, trained medical staff and medical supplies still remains a goal with slow progress for the country.

Project Bududa sits at the base of Mt. Elon, approximately 260km east of Kampala. Bududa is a remote zone often labeled the “forgotten district”. Project Bududa is located in one of the poorest districts within Uganda. Extreme poverty, a lack of infrastructure and low education levels all contribute to a more complex health situation. We work to beat the statistics and focus on issues such as HIV, malaria and maternal and child health. We built a larger clinic and expanded our medical staff. We strategically developed partnerships to provide additional benefits. We now provide clinical services and outreach programs to over 14 communities.

Project Bududa provides ample opportunity for volunteers to immerse themselves in a number of projects on-site. Whether you're teaching the HIV Post Test Club, hiking to a faraway community in your gum boots to work with the Community Health Educators, or spending the afternoon taking vital signs in our health center, your efforts allow us to better serve the residents of Bududa.

All volunteers have the opportunity to participate in both the clinical and health education aspects of operations on-site, and activities can range from treating bed nets to prevent malaria to a refresher course for our Community Health Educators on how to take vital signs.

Over the course of your trip, you'll receive an unfiltered experience in healthcare fieldwork abroad, and learn about the tremendous impact that even one person can have. At our end, so as to maximize your contribution, we will tailor your experience based on current needs, your interests, training, and amount of time that you spend with us on-site at Project Bududa.


Bududa Uganda

Professional designation


Members Needed

Medical Doctor






Healthcare services needed

Family Medicine/General Practice


Routine (MMR, DTP, Varicella)


Yellow Fever


Hepatitis A


Hepatitis B













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