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Kilifi County, Kenya

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German Doctors

Conducts voluntary medical work in developing countries and brings help where misery is part of everyday life.


The German Doctors e.V. takes care of the people in the so-called developing countries by sending honorary doctors from Germany and Switzerland.

In 2021 we expanded our aid in Kenya and opened a third doctors‘ project. Our outpatient clinic is located in the small village Bomani in the Kilifi district, about 30 kilometers north of Mombasa. The foundation of medical aid is the district’s own outpatient clinic, the “Bomani-Malde Dispensary”.  It is the only medical facility for the approximately 12,000 people living in the surrounding 11 villages. The humble mud huts in which families live, often with many children, generally have neither drinking water nor sanitary facilities.  Especially mothers, children, disabled persons, and the elderly suffer from the poor living conditions. We are particularly concerned about these people.

Before our German Doctors began holding their consultations there, the outpatient clinic was only open for a few hours a day, and it lacked medicines and well-trained personnel. Thanks to the generous support of the mediserv Bank, women will be able to deliver safely in the newly expanded delivery room. This provides a huge relief for the families because the way to Kilifi Town or Mombasa was simply too expensive and too far to go for delivery or even for regular check-ups.

The situation analysis, which we carried out during the project’s planning phase, revealed a strong desire for improved medical provision in the region. The two nurses hired for the outpatient clinic in Bomani cannot care for all the needy patients. They are also not trained in complex treatments. This constitutes a special burden for the poorest members of the population, who hardly have access to healthcare services outside of their region and cannot afford them, anyway. 

There are always two German doctors and the long-term doctor, Rutger Anten and his wife, Bea Ammann, physiotherapist, present.

Structure: Our mission doctors work in the outpatient clinic ‟Bomani-Malde Dispensaryˮ. They also participate in various community activities.  For example, they provide instructions concerning disease prevention and safe childbirth.

Mission locations: the communities Bomani, Junju, and Mto Mkuu.

Frequent health problems: malaria, respiratory diseases, diarrhea, anemia, and chronic diseases, like high blood pressure and diabetes

Key aspects: Aside from general medical treatment, special attention is paid to mother-and-child health and building up health-provision facilities for the village communities.


Bomani Kenya

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Medical Doctor


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Family Medicine/General Practice



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