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Meru, Kenya

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Aims to transform the provision of eye care in Kenya by ensuring that Kenyans have the opportunity to have access to affordable, local eye care and education in order to improve eyesight and quality of life.


A SeeKenya trip is a life-changing and rewarding experience!


Each trip consists of a team of up to 15 UK volunteers and optometrists, led by our SeeKenya trustees. We are joined in Kenya by our charity partners, Edfri International, run by Edward and Fridah Buria, plus a team of Kenyan volunteers. We love working with them! Together we run clinics for around eight days, seeing around 1,000 patients in total.

The clinics provide eye heath screening, refractive eye tests, prescription glasses, sunglasses and medication where required - and you will help with this! Training is provided for all our volunteers.

Each trip is fully planned and arranged by SeeKenya, including flights, insurance, accommodation and meals for each trip. 
Our trip fees are currently set at £1,500. This includes everything other than the following:

  1. A VISA (costing approximately £35)
  2. Any immunizations you may need (please book an appointment with your GP or local travel clinic to arrange for these)
  3. Anti-malarials (depending on the type you choose to get, they can be purchased from a travel clinic or ASDA)
  4. Spending money! £100 is plenty for this, but it gives you the chance to return with a memory or two, or a gift for a loved one

There are lots of ways you can fundraise for a SeeKenya trip. Check out our fundraising page for ideas and inspiration.

During our time in Meru, we are guests of Kambakia Christian Centre, the base of our charity partner, Edfri International. It is basic, but it is clean with wonderful housekeepers who cook and take care of us. Sleeping arrangements are either in individuals or shared rooms with your own toilets.

We are a Christian charity and our faith underpins everything we do at SeeKenya.

However there is no requirement for our volunteers to be a Christian to come on a trip. We do ask that you are sympathetic and willing to attend church as part of the experience as we believe in doing everything as a team while we're in Meru, which includes attending Kambakia church.

We promise it will be an experience like no other!


Meru Kenya

Professional designation


Members Needed

Medical Doctor


Assistant/Allied Health


Healthcare services needed



Routine (MMR, DTP, Varicella)


Yellow Fever




Hepatitis A


Hepatitis B













The two official languages, English and Swahili, are used in varying degrees of fluency for communication with other populations. English is widely spoken in commerce, schooling, and government.



Amenities & Accommodations

Sometimes the water supply is unreliable and hot showers are not a guarantee.

Private toilet

Additional notes & documents

For more details about the SeeKenya trips, please visit the official Q&A webpage:

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