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Hernia International

Aims to provide relief from sickness, and protection and preservation of health, for persons affected by groin and abdominal hernias and residing in low- and middle-income countries.


Mongolia and Hernia International have had a long-standing relationship.
To register with Hernia International as a Volunteer, please get in touch with Andrew Kingsnorth ([email protected]).


Essential tourist information can be viewed at the appropriate High Commission or Embassy website for the country being visited. Information for preparing for an overseas experience can be found at the Global Health Education Consortium website.


The Volunteer is to provide the following:-

  1. Copies of documents required to obtain Temporary Medical Registration as follows: Medical Degree Certificate, Medical Council Registration, Specialty Certification, Photo Page of Passport and brief CV.
  2. Visa, Immunisations and malaria prophylaxis (if required).
  3. Travel insurance which must include repatriation cover.
  4. Medical malpractice cover.  Hernia International does not take out insurance to cover the Volunteer surgeons and nurses for malpractice or other possible legal issues. UK malpractice cover is valid for short Volunteer missions abroad, other nationals may need to discuss their individual case with Andrew Kingsnorth.
  5. Travel arrangements to and from agreed Airport in Host country, that have coordinated arrival/departure times with other team members to facilitate pick-up/drop-off by host hospital transport.
  6. The moderate costs of travel, accommodation and food during the mission.
  7. If required obtain from GMC a Letter of  Good Standing and have it forwarded to the equivalent in the Host Country.
  8. To bring with them the following supplies for their use during surgery on the mission, as appropriate: sutures, gloves, hats, local anaesthetic, syringes, needles, wound dressings, scalpels; these supplies will be provided by the team as a whole and each team member will be responsible for one or more of these items. 

The total number of cases operated on is about 6-7 cases/table/day. The missions usually operate for 4-5 days during a week. You will usually be able to operate on 3 tables simultaneously, therefore a one week mission will be expected to take supplies for 80-100 cases – a two week mission for a maximum of 160-200 cases.

For more details relevant to Hernia International's volunteers, please visit Information for Volunteers – Hernia International
You can also find more relevant information from the past medical trips to Mongolia reports by visiting the webpage Team Reports – Hernia International



Professional designation


Members Needed

Medical Doctor


Healthcare services needed


Travel logistics

Visa & Passport

  • Will help apply for visa, if needed


  • Getting the volunteer to the closest airport of the mission location

Daily Ground Transport

  • Transportation between the living facility and the healthcare facility
  • Paid by organization


  • Getting the volunteer from the airport to the living facility

Insurance Requirements

  • Requires Participant Travel Insurance


Routine (MMR, DTP, Varicella)


Hepatitis A


Hepatitis B










Medical licensing & restrictions

All surgeons in the team will need temporary registration to practice in Mongolia. This will be arranged by the host institution and you will be required to provide copies of the following documents: Medical Degree Certificate, Medical Council Registration, Specialty Certification and Photo Page of your Passport and brief CV.

Local medical licensing required for MD

Equipment & Supplies

Organization responsibility


Scrubs/Medical Uniform

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