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Rheumatology for All

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2110 Spruce St.

Philadelphia, PA 19103

United States


+1 215 840 2650

Editorial Overview

Increases access to rheumatology care in under-resourced regions through the creation of self-sustaining rheumatology training programs, by funding the education of local physicians to become rheumatologists and providing educational programs for local physicians.

Organization Description

Rheumatology for All is a group of international rheumatologists who feel the best way to improve access to rheumatology care is to increase awareness and knowledge about musculoskeletal and rheumatic disease. This includes not only physicians and healthcare professionals, but the general population and politicians as well. We work with local residents to give them the tools to eventually become self-sufficient. For example, we sponsored two Ethiopian physicians for fellowship training in rheumatology. They have returned to Ethiopia where they are treating patients. Rheumatology for All has a virtual program to provide interactive lectures to the medical residents in Rwanda. We plan to work with local physical therapists, occupational therapists, nurses, etc. in the future. We also feel it is important to provide educational material to patients and the general public. The local community needs knowledge to advocate for access to medication and accommodations for people with musculoskeletal and rheumatic disease.

Countries of activity

🇪🇹 Ethiopia

🇷🇼 Rwanda

Areas of activity

  • Research & Scientific Studies
  • Infrastructure & Development
  • Social Services & Rehabilitation
  • Education

Healthcare services provided

  • Rheumatology

Hospital Affiliations


Tikur Anbass General Specialized Hospital


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